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MOVIE: His Kind of Woman (1951)

Written by Frank Fenton and Jack Leonard

Directed by John Farrow

Robert Mitchum, Jane Russell, Vincent Price


This is a long film noir,  with enough subplots to keep it interesting.

Dan Milner ( Mitchum) is a gambler, willing to take risk. Down on his last dime he accepts a business proposal from a savoury character. He takes the money, with no questions asked and flies to Mexico in a Lear jet. Arriving at the hotel, he awaits his assignment, But, becomes nervous when no one can tell him what it is.

Along the way he meets singer/heiress Lenore Brent (Russell) who also ends us staying at the hotel to spend time with dramatic, Shakespearean spouting movie star, Mark Cardigan (Price)

There are some wonderful lines in this movie and Price plays his character with a wink.

Mark to Lenore  in reply to a sharp remark:  If you used that needle to sew with, you’d be a happier woman.

Dan to Mark when caught in a shoot out:  I’m too young to die. What about you?” Mark:  Too well-known.

A local police officer to Mark about his ego : You are not a pig. You are what a pig become. It is sometimes eaten in between two pieces of bread.