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MOVIE: Ministry of Fear (1944)

Based on a novel by Graham Greene

Screenplay by Seton I. Miller

Directed by Fritz Lang

Ray Milland, Marjorie Reynolds, Carl Esmond

Ministry of Fear

Hoping for a pleasurable outing, Stephen Neale (Milland) buys a ticket to an outdoor charity fair. There he plays a guessing game. Whoever can guess the weight of the cake wins. With the help of a clairvoyant, he does just that.

Leaving on a train to London, he offers a fellow traveller, a blind man with a white cane, a piece of cake. The man surprises Neale by jumping off the train, with the whole cake! Neale gives chase, but he is shot at, just before the German drop a bomb. Neale is safe, but the man and the cake are not to be found.

In London, he visits the charity’s head office, where he meets Carla (Reynolds) and Willi (Edmond) Hilfe, the sister and brother team who do the administration. He tells them his story.

But, things are far from over. There is a séance, where a man is shot in the dark. Neale is accused and on the run. It seems people are still trying to kill him and Scotland Yard wants to question him.

Don’t feel too bad for our leading man. He gets the girl in the end. But, please! No cake at the wedding!