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MOVIE: Danger Signal ( 1945)

Based on a novel by Phyllis Bottom

Screenplay by Adele Comandini and Graham Baker

Directed by Robert Florey

Faye Emerson, Zachary Scott, Mary Servoss, Mona Freeman

The viewer knows writer Ronnie Mason (Scott) is a bad man right from the opening scene. He cheats, he steals, he lies and most importantly he kills. But that’s only the subplot. That’s not the full story.This psychological  ride is about how Mason gains the trust of one family and slowly ingratiates his way into their life.

He romances the oldest daughter Hilda (Emerson), a professional woman with her own small business. He secretly promises marriage. The mother (Servoss) thinks he is quite simple wonderful, as he helps Mom with the dishes and takes her to the movies. But, when the youngest daughter Ann  (Mona Freeman) returns home, he learns she is the sole inheritor of a small fortune. How interesting and beautiful she has become! Now, how to get rid of Hilda?