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Film Noir: Berlin Express

Directed by: Jacques Tournier

Story by: Curtis Siodmak

Screenplay by: Curtis Siodmark, Harold Medford

Actors: Robert Ryan, Merle Oberan, Fritz Kortner, Robert Coote, Roman Toporow, Charles Korvin, Peter von Zerneck, Paul Lukas

Film Noir Berlin Express

In this film, an international group of  travellers, in post-war Europe, meet on The Berlin Express, a train from Paris bound for Berlin. There is American Robert Lindley (Ryan), French secretary Lucienne Mirbeau (Oberan), German businessman Otto Franzen (Kortner), James Sterling (Coote) a school teacher, Lt. Maxim Kiroshilov (Toporow) of the Russian army , Henri Perot (Korvin)a former member of the French underground and a German mystery man, Hans Schmidt(von Zerneck).

When an explosion rocks the train in Salzbach, passengers are informed that the German peace lecturer, Dr. Bernhardt ( Lukas) has been murdered. But, later Mirbeau reveals her boss was actually travelling in disguise. In this noir twist, he is still alive.  The Nazis have killed the wrong man!

Later, after the group are bused into Frankfurt, Dr.Bernhardt disappears from the train’s platform. Everyone bands together to find him. Lindley  and Mirbeau  take charge, while edging toward their own romance.

Filmed in Paris, Frankfurt and Berlin

Trivia:The Berlin Express film crew were the first to gain permission from the Russians to film the Russia section of Berlin. At the time, Berlin was occupied by Russian, English and American armed forces.