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Film Noir: Hollow Triumph (1948)

Directed by: Steve Sekely

Based on the novel by: Murray Forbes

Screenplay by: Daniel Fuchs

Actors: Paul Heinreid, Joan Bennet, Herbert Rudley

 Film Noir Hollow Triumph

While on parole, a highly educated criminal, John Muller (Heinreid) pulls together his like-minded gang for a heist of of a gaming house. When the two car getaway fails and only Muller and one of his thug partners, Marcy get away with the loot, both men know they are doomed. A noir nightmare!

Marcy is murdered in Mexico. Muller hides out in Los Angeles, but is mistaken by a man on the street as Dr. Victor Bartok, a local psychologist. Although the man points out that the doctor has a scar and Muller does not.

Curious, Muller visits the doctors office and his face at first fools the secretary, Evelyn ( Bennet ). Embarassed by her blunder, but eventually charmed by Muller, Evelyn agrees to a date. The relationship develops.

Now, with access to the good doctor’s office, Muller hatches a plan to impersonate him. The noir crime of murder becons.

The plan at best only becomes A Hollow Triumph!

Watch this film for the beautiful cinematography with classic noir use of shadows and staircases. All captured by Director of Photography, John Alton

Filmed in : Los Angeles, with lots of on location footage of Hotel Belmont, the Los Angeles Zoo, and Angel Flight Railway.

Trivia: Although John Alton was known as a master of film noir cinematography he would win an Ocar for An American in Paris for Best Cinema Colour,