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Film Noir: Side Street (1950)

Directed by: Anthony Mann

Story and Screenplay by: Sydney Boehm

Actors: Farley Granger, Cathy O’Donnel, Ed Max, Jean Hagen

Film Noir Side Street Movie

As in classic film noir style the narrator will lead you through this story.

When a mail carrier named Joe (Granger) sees $200 on the floor of an office he is delivering to, he is tempted to pick it up. The office worker stops him, retrieves the cash and stuffs it in an envelop, closed in a filing cabinet.

The next day, Joe is delivering to the same office. But, this time it is empty. Taking the opportunity to commit a film noir crime, Joe reaches into the filing cabinet and retrieves the envelop. He quickly leaves thinking how the $200 will help his pregnant wife Ellen, (O’Donnel).

Later, when Joe opens the envelope it contains not $200 but $30,000!

Feeling guilty, Joe leaves the package, disguised as a gift for Ellen, at the local bar owned by his friend Nick (Max). When Joe later comes in to retrieve it, Nick has sold the bar! The tricks of noir!

With fast detective work, Joe tracks the cash trail. But, it’s a singer named Harriet, (Hagen) who may ultimately lead Joe to his demise.